Frequently Asked Questions

What is PikaTorrent ?

PikaTorrent is a cross-platform and open source Bittorrent client. It is currently available for Android, Linux, and Windows. A MacOS & iOS app might arrive later.

Why PikaTorrent ?

People are used to centralized services to download and share files or stream videos. These services are often easy-to-use, but can have drawbacks:

  • Share links can expire
  • Sharing big files can be costly
  • Website can have downtime
  • Speed can be slow, depending on servers load and bandwidth
With PikaTorrent, we try to offer the tools to redecentralize our files shares. BitTorrent is a very efficient protocol to share files. By using BitTorrent, PikaTorrent offers:
  • Unstoppable files sharing (while at least one device shares the files)
  • Unlimited download speeds
  • Sharing at no cost
While still offering an easy to use interface.

Isn't bittorrent illegal ?

Using BitTorrent is not illegal by itself. However, in most countries, sharing copyrighted content without permission is prohibited.

Why would I use PikaTorrent instead of uTorrent, qbittorrent, deluge, transmission, libretorrent... ?

uTorrent (and the Bi